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Statistical analysis is one of the most critical methods for understanding how and why data behaves in a certain manner. There are hundreds of uses for statistical analysis that are used in the fields of medicine, computer science, economics, psychology, chemistry, physics and many more. Statistics allow people to better understand why things change and how certain factors affect these changes. Overall statistical analysis is necessary to understand any type of number data.

The goal of PHP Stats is to become a fully functional feature rich statistics package for PHP. PHP Stats will contain all of the current tools found in many popular statistic programs like Mini-Tab but will be available to all PHP enabled web sites and will be open source. You can take the demo application and use it as is or use the functions found in the include files to build your own analysis tools. To use PHP Stats download the current version of PHP Stats and put the include files in your PHP include directory. Any of your PHP pages that need to do some statistical analysis include the file and call the functions as you like.

Current Version

To Do
  • Work on demo.
  • Work on text display functions.
  • Work on distributions.

5/4/2000 I'm back. Version 0.3.2 of the stats was released with bug fixes. The demo for phpstats was also uploaded.

3/7/2000 Version 0.3.1 of phpstats was released. The demo section of phpstats and phpstats itself was broken into two different modules.

3/1/2000 Version 0.2.5 was released and the demo section represents all of the current phpstat features.

2/29/2000 The Demo section is almost finished. There is some basic functionality so give it a try.

2/28/2000 Version 0.1.0 was released and work began on the demo section of the web site.